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How to change the crank set

How to adjust the crank hight

L O N D O N    2 0 1 2 
22 Carbonbikes out of totaly 50 leaners (H1 to H3) at the start


Congratulations to our racers on the time trial

  • Gold: Sandra Graf (WH3), Alessandro Zanardi* (MH4)
  • Silver: Karen Darke (WH2), Walter Ablinger (MH2), Nigel Barley (MH3)
  • Bronce: Wolfgang Schattauer (MH1), Vittorio Podesta (MH2)

Road race: dominating

  • H2: 1. Ablinger, 2. Berset, 3. Podesta, 4. Weber.
  • H1: Silber für Fankhauser und Bronce für Schattauer.
  • H4: 2nd Gold to Zanardi*
  • Team Relay: 2. Itlay (Fenocchio/Zanardi/Podesta)

*Zanardi is using our kneeler, but his rear frame and seat is modified by himself.

Rio 2016

Congrats to all carbonbike medal winners

Medal Winners

Great time trial day for carbonbike at the Worlds

14 out of 22 possible medails (H1 to H4) for carbonbike. Congrats to all the medal winners. See all the results: Results

World Cup Yverdon: More than 50 % of all medals for carbonbike

Total 22 medals out of 40 possible in H1 to H4 categories goes to carbonbike racers. Congrats to all medal winners, especialy to the carbonbike racers: TT: Gold: Pieter Du Preez (MH1), Rafal Wilk (MH4), Svetlana Moshkovich (WH4), Jeon Mikvoung (WH2) Silver: Patrick Jahoda (MH1), Luca Mazzone (MH2), Sandra Stöckli (WH4), Karen Darke (WH3) Bronze: Rodolph Cecillon (MH2), Rico Morneau (MH3), Alicia Brelsford-Dana Road Race: Gold: Rafal Wilk (MH4), Tobias Fankhauser (MH2), Pieter Du Preez (MH1), Alicia Brelsford-Dana (WH3), Jeon Mikvoung (WH2) Silver: Walter Ablinger (MH3), Luca Mazzone (MH2), Svetlana Moshkovich (WH4) Bronze: Thomas Frühwirth (MH4), Rafal Mikolajczyk (MH1), Doyeon Lee (WH4)

Results Road Race

Results Time Trial




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